Bar Recommendations

In September, the harvest is active, but the scenery is green and the aroma of fruit and plant is perfect. It brings a perfect experience of smell and taste

Gin,Melon,Cucumber syrup,Coco Syrup,Fresh Ginger , Fresh Lemon Juice.

From James Bond, casino royale

Absolut Vodka(orange),Martini Dry,Fresh Lime juice。

It is strong but does not lose its flavor, just as the courage of the people when they meet the challenge

Glenmorangie,Gold Rum,Martini Sweet,Angostura Bitter

A mouthful of silk, bringing a sweet mouth, as September this beautiful season

Rum ,Fresh Lemon Juice,Whipping cream,Watermelon syrup.

Golden September, the fragrance of osmanthus, the nose, the harvest season

Preserved plum Gin ,Fresh Lemon Juice,Elder flower syrup,LongJing Tea, Passion fruit syrup



  • Golden Autumn
  • Sweet Dream
  • Courage
  • Vesper Martini
  • September