Bar Recommendations

Bourbon intense aromas of oak and amar perfect combination of herbs flavor, then add fresh lime and earl grey tea flavor.Let this Daisy became a popular 19th century cocktail.

Jim Bean,Amaro Liqueur, Fresh Lime juice,Earl Grey Tea

Geumbi ginfizz cocktails and also called fez gin, originated in the United States, is one of the world's top ten classic cocktails.Because of this cocktail joined the soda water, will produce bubbles, zi zi of sound, as if they were called \"fizz\" \"fizz\", hence the name.

Beefeater,Fresh Lime Juice,Egg White

Lime acid bright with strawberry fragrance of sweet taste, foil a rum unique aroma.

White Rum, Starwberry Puree Fresh Lime Juice,Fresh Starwberrye

With a warm and intense flavor, it is a refreshing combination of mint and lime, which makes this cocktail fresh and refreshing and the first choice for ladies.

White Rum,Fresh Lime Juice,Passionfruit

Lime and fresh mint, and rum, strong compatibility, makes this transparent colorless cocktail wine become the hot summer

White Rum,Fresh Lime Juice,Mint



  • Hot Toddy
  • Yellow Bomb 
  • Lemon & Passion Drinks
  • Cucumber Caipiranha
  • Litchi Bubble Water