Bar Recommendations

When you drink it as if you have entered a romantic love, show your sexy beauty; The sweet, wild spirit is accompanied by strong spirits.

Absolut Vodka,Fresh Lemon Juice,Simple Syrup,Strawberry & Cucmber,Citronella

It has the sweet smell of coffee and the unique flavor of martini itself. And this cocktail is perfect for a pick-me-up, because the coffee beans can be chewed directly.

Absolut Vodka,Espresso,Simple Syrup

A toast to the mouth will smell mixed lemon Martini bouquet, from weak to strong, faint, and this feeling is not personally it is hard to imagine a toast taste, feelings after entry will give you a memory by new

Beefeater, Absolut Vodka,Lillet Blanc

It is a sweet and sweet taste of green apples. It tastes sweet and delicious, and it has a keen taste.

Absolut Vodka,Fresh Green Apple Juice,Fresh Lemon Juice,Simple Syrup

Martini, known as the king of the \"cocktail best masterpiece\" cocktails, some people say that since martini cocktail, and ended in martini. As the change of The Times, spicy taste gradually become the mainstream

Tanqueray Gin ,Martini Dry,Lemon Bitter



  • Classic Dry Martini
  • Green Apple Martini
  • Vesper Martini
  • Espresso Martini
  • Bond Girl Martini