A slight burnt fragrance with rich truffle taste

A highly nutritious pizza, topped with Italian black truffle and grilled mushrooms, with added cheese sauce

Meat lover pizza

Bell pepper, onions, ham and salami, great mixture of meat and vegetables

Spicy flavor

Mexican chili sauce, fresh pepper, corn and coriander

A slight burnt fragrance, creamy cheese, and parma ham pizza

Black olives, cheese, arugula, and Parma ham, with olive oil

A slight burnt fragrance, with creamy cheese

Classic Italian thin-crust pizza with cream cheese and imported tomatoes. Vegetarian

A slight burnt fragrance, creamy cheese and fruits

Fresh pineapple, and fresh chicken meat

The original style pizza

Classic Napoli style pizza made with imported flour and yeast. Topped with fresh italian cheese, olive oil, black pepper, fresh basil leaves

The batter has a slight aroma and fresh cheese

A pure meat pizza, choose imported sausage, bacon, meat flavor.

  • Margherita Pizza 
  • Health Grilled Vegetables Pizza
  • Salami Pizza
  • Hawaii Pizza   
  • Italia Pizza
  • Italia Parma Ham Pizza 
  • Mexico “Hot” Pizza
  • New York Pizza
  • Fresh Fruit Pizza
  • Eudora Quartet pizza

You can make your own Pizza!