Fresh Juice & Smoothies

Fresh Juice

Daily purchasing fresh, choose good fruit, to provide you with the most fresh, healthy drinks

Rich in dietary fiber and pectin, good for circulation and improving eyesight

Rich in vitamin C and protein, lowers excess heat

Rich in dietary fiber and protein, can help digestion

Rich carotene and protein, can increase appetite, improve allergies

Rich in vitamin C, assists detoxification, good for heart and blood vessels

Rich in protein and amino acids, helps weight loss and lowers blood pressure

Rich in protein and carotene

Rich in vitamin C, can expel toxins

Helps digestion, lowers cholesterol, moistens the skin

Rich in protein and vitamin A to strengthen blood vessels



  • Fresh Juice
    • Fresh Orange Juice
    • Fresh Apple Juice
    • Fresh Watermelon Juice
    • Fresh Papaya Juice
    • Fresh Carrot Juice
    • Fresh Lemon Juice (Gas / No Gas)
    • Fresh Orange & Apple Juice
    • Fresh Healthy Vegetable Juice
    • Watermelon & Lemon
    • Cucumber & Lemon
    • Fresh Mango & Papaya Juice
    • Fresh Red Grapefruit Juice
  • Healthy Fresh Fruit Smoothies
    • Mango
    • Mango & Banana
    • Kiwi & Banana
    • Avocado Smoothies