Bar Recommendations

A fruit cocktail that is especially suitable for girls.

This drink can make your body warm up quickly,full-bodied gold rum & the spices taste. 

Absolut vodka,Martini Dry

This is a classic sour cocktail,a perfect combination of brandy and sour,worth a glass of taste.

Remy Martin VSOP,Fresh Lomen juice,Simple Syrup

  A blend of cognac and apple juice with a combination of cocktail,If you like the taste of Applecider,you must have a drink. 

Brandy,Fresh Lemon  juice,Apple Cider,Simple Syrup



  • Spanish-Style Gin -Tonic
  • G'VINE -Tonic
  • Fresh Hendrick's-Tonic
  • Gingerbread Sour Cocktail
  • The Navy Rose