Three flavors of ice cream

Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla; three flavors of ice cream, beautiful color

Enriched chocolate flavor

One of the classic French desserts in the cake world is the web celebrity dessert

Soft and smooth.

The pear scent of rock sugar and honey of the sweet red wine aroma is very suitable for autumn consumption

Contains alcohol.Rich taste of rum

Authentic Italian dessert. Chocolate and cheese, taste of rum

Fresh, tender and not greasy

Beautiful golden pumpkin, smooth and healthy pudding

Creamy and cheesy

Classic American style grilled cheese cake. Fresh and creamy

Passion fruit aroma, rich milk cake aroma, silky fresh

Choose fresh passion fruit, juice, sour and sweet, fragrance, milk rich, silky smooth.

  • Red Velvet Lava Cake with Vanila Ice Cream
  • Caramel Banana Pudding with Fresh Fruit &Yogurt
  • Traditional Italian “Tiramisu
  • Traditional Heavy Cheese Cake
  • Mocha Mousse Cake(Gluten Free)
  • Yellow Peach and Raisin Pudding
  • Ice Cream Three Scoops(choice of strawberry, chocolate & vanilla)
  • Fresh Fruit Platter