Watermelons, oranges, dragon fruits, and cantaloupe 

Seasonal fruit with the classic set up

Slow pastrami, roast pork ribs, chicken wings, lamb kebabs, yidorui.

1. Adopt the barbecue method of Texas, USA, and select Australian grain fed beef brisket to smoke and bake slowly on the fruit wood fire for over 7 hours. The removal of excess grease is accompanied by the traditional flavor of the secret barbecue sauce.
2. Choose the American pork ribs, the caramel sauce is slightly fruity and sweet. To enrich the flavor of the tender pork chop.
3. The wings are marinated in Orleans spices and Fried with golden yellow on the outside. The chicken inside is tender
4 choose lamb tenderloin, alternate between fat and lean, fire roasted in addition to grease, fat but not greasy.

Rich seasoned flavor, well balanced tenderness and crispiness

6 wings marinated in New Orleans-style seasoning, and deep fried until golden. Crispy outside, juicy inside

Fresh cauliflower, healthy.

Fresh cauliflower, add the right amount of homemade chicken stock stir-fry, add black pepper, salt, taste, with chicken fresh and cauliflower fragrance itself.

Minor spicy.Fresh lettuce and rich cheese

The sauce is made out of beef/chicken with kidney beans and chili pepper. Sprinkled with cheese, lettuce, and a dash of salsa and sour cream

The palate is burn

Suckling pig cooking at low temperature for 28 hours, to ensure the original nutrition of Suckling pig, flavor and aroma rich, dense meat, tender outside, juicy and tender meat

Minor spicy and tasty

Nacho plate with Mexican kidney beans, beef sauce ,fresh chili, garlic, sour cream, and tomatoes

Tender chicken breast strips and crispy skin

Marinated chicken breast with herbs, coated with breadcrumbs and fried till golden

Perfect char and juicy patty

Hand made patties made from selected Australian sirloin, with fresh pickles on the side. Guaranteed freshness

Crispy American style thick fries

Classic thick cut french fries, fried golden and crisp with salt and freshly ground black pepper, served with tomato sauce

  • Garlic bread
  • Vegetable Basket
  • Sauteed Broccoli & Caulifower
  • Sautéed Chorizo Salami & Small Potatoes
  • Wood-grilled Shrimps Brochette
  • Pan Roasted Shrimps
  • Mixed Tapas Patter
  • Shrimp Cheese Balls
  • Braised Mussel
  • Grilled Herb Shrimps with Grilled Beef Fillet 150g