Norwegian salmon. Sour tasting salad

Selected smoked Norwegian salmon, with avocados from Chile, lettuce, homemade lemon wine sauce. Very good for appetite.

The ingredients are rich and appetizing

Fresh quinoa has a high plant protein, enhance the human body resistance, with fresh prawns, parma ham, food rich, appetizing, delicious

Rome lettuce, traditional Kaiser dressing

Innovative version of the classic Caesar salad, with added deep fried onions and fresh lettuce

Green and healthy vegetarian salad

Green and healthy mixed vegetables with fruit flavor sauce, rich taste, sweet and sour taste.

Nutrition collocation, variety is rich.

5 kinds of mixed lettuce with chicken, homemade pastrami, prawns with honey mustard mayonnaise, rich taste, taste and beauty.

Refreshing and appetizing

Choose high-quality white tuna with passion fruit juice sauce, mixed lettuce with truffle honey black vinegar juice, rich taste, white tuna high protein, vitamin D, iron and other minerals, rich nutrition.

  • Mixed Fresh Garden Salad 
  • Caesar Salad 
  • Eudora Mushroom Salad 
  • Eudora Salad   
  • Smoked Salmon and Avocado Salad   
  • Organic Vegetable & Quinoa Salad