Business Lunch Set Menu



It's crispy and health

Selected top quality chicken, herbs.Sided with spinach and purple cabbage. 

Rich nutrition Sweet and sour moderate

Use the combination of salmon and vegetable, appetizing and refreshing.

Rich nutrition Sweet and sour moderate

Choose high quality purple sweet potato and American potato, seal steamed, with fresh mango and homemade buttermilk honey, low fat health, sweet and sweet.


Hungary's classic soup, taste sweet, sour/p>

Classic Hungary soup, choose Australian beef with Onions, celery, carrots, mushrooms, red wine and tomatoes boil finally drink with sour cream, fresh sweet taste of vegetables, acid bright and tomatoes

Light fragrance, silky smooth not greasy

The perfect combination of green beans and spinach, spring color, light and refreshing, delicious and healthy.

Main Course

Tender and juicy chicken

Marinated chicken with fresh herbs to enhance the flavors of the chicken. Served with herb and mushroom sauce

Complex and rich flavored ribs, brings out oaky and fruity tones

Select American rack ribs.Complex and rich flavored ribs, brings out oaky and fruity tones

Cow tongue stewed in wine along with papaya and other fruits

Each cow tongue is marinated with wine, herbs, papaya and vegetables for 48 hours, and then stewed in order to enrich more flavors. Pan fried until a minor char on the outside. Recommended with red wine

Chewy and juicy German sausage, with fresh onions and pickles on the side

Using imported German sausages. Perfect meat density and perfect meat and fat ratio. Baked at 200 degrees to preserve the juice and crispy skin

Fresh salmon absorbs the notes of lemon and grapefruit. Absolutely enchanting 

Hand picked Norwegian salmon, pan fried slightly till golden on the outside

Using traditional Japanese Teriyaki sauce

Hand picked Norwegian cod, cooked with traditional Japanese Teriyaki sauce. Marinated before cooked till gold. Sided with fresh mushrooms. Highly nutritious and suitable for all ages


Milk fragrance and exquisite

Traditional cheesecake, sweet and not greasy, is the choice dessert after lunch

Taste slightly acidic

Taste refreshing, the perfect collision of cheese and fresh lemon.


  • Mixed Fresh Garden Salad with Nuts
  • Oil-immersed Tuna Salad       
  • Oriental Chicken Salad
  • Greek Salad


  • Creamy corn soup                         
  • Beef Goulash Soup

Main Course

  • Spicy Smoked Salmon Sandwich
  • Grilled Salmon Steak
  • Teriyaki Chicken Leg With Rice
  • Mediterranean Tomato Pizza
  • BBQ Pork Ribs
  • Sautéed Bacon and Spaghetti with Egg yolk


  • Pear Black Tea Mousse
  • Cake Chocolate Ice Cream Mousse Cake
  • Fresh Fruit Plate