The last luau! Hawaiian Party 夏末的夏威夷狂欢派对

2018-09-08 19:00 - 00:00

Sep 8th-9th 9月8日-9日 Sat-Sun 7pm-Late

We’re going to a hukilau, where the laulau is the kaukau at the big luau…”

Summer ain't over yet. If it was, we wouldn't be throwing a Luau, would we? Beijing Eudora Station takes you to Hawaii, sans  the confusion of traveling across the international date line. Prepare for two days of Maitais, straw hats, Hula dancers, and much more.


抓住夏天的尾巴,来一场“夏末的夏威夷狂欢派对, 音乐,草帽,草裙,椰子树。秀出属于你的Freestyle,9月8日-9日 晚7点-最后,与你不见不散!



Selected Drinks 精选酒水


Eudora House Brewed Craft Beer



No.1-有关部门  IPA   Department   IPA

No.2-参议院科隆氏  Senate Kölsch

No.3-差淡色艾尔      PostmanPale Ale

No.4-夫子 小麦 Confucius Wheat

No.5-克里斯蒂娜 金色艾尔 Christina Golden Ale

No.6-立秋 裸麦艾尔   Autumn Rye Ale


Special Food 夏威夷特色小吃

Hawaiian night would never be complete without grass skirts and flower wreaths and hula hoops.


Don't worry. We got it covered.


The Hats 乐队,即兴表演手鼓,DJ ,Hula Dancers 草裙舞,Fire blower 喷火表演 Ukelele DIY 现场手工制作尤克里里


着 装  Dress Code:

Hawaii shirt, straw hat, skirt or flower lei necklace 花衬衫,草帽,长裙或花环

Free Entry for customers wearing Hawaiian style attire 当天着夏威夷风格花衬衫或裙子 可以免票进场


How to join us?

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