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Jubilee Music Festival !


Summer is here. Eudora Station turns 14, and we are celebration it with a music marathon of epic proportions. Line-up includes top notch acts of the Beijing scene, together with Eudora bands of Beijing, Hangzhou, and Ningbo locations, all coming together in a 3-day frenzy of Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul and Fusion. Also immensely popular Salsa experts of Mojito Latin Band, this time fortified with a horn section and special guests, take to the stage. If you enjoy sipping cocktails and digging by the outdoor stage, exploring the selection in the food tent, or getting your dance on in the music room, this event must not be missed.


6 Bands!!!Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul,Latin


---Performance Schedule 演出安排

“The Hats” are Beijing Eudora Station's House band. Hailing from Venezuela, Cuba, and the United States this band has a repertoire as mixed as the backgrounds of the members. They will take you on a musical journey playing old school, modern rock, funk to the freshest pop hits. Dayana – Vocals and percussion, Greg – Guitar and vocals, Jose – Keyboards, Rolando – Bass, Richard - Drums

来自北京亿多瑞站的驻店乐队-The Hats 由来自全球不同国家的高水平音乐人组建的一支实力乐团

“The Hats”--,演出风格主要以怀旧经典,现代摇滚,最新国外流行歌曲为主。5月份来自美国的吉他手Greg 加入The Hats ,让我们一起期待他们在音乐节的精彩演出。

- Zhege -

Zhege is a band of made up of foreigners who met in Beijing. 

Drawing inspiration from the popular music in our countries, our combined efforts seem to produce what appears to be Brit-Pop and R&B, with a satirical twist.

Our music is like life, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. Sometime you’ll want to dance, and sometimes you just want to have deep thoughts while waiting for a taxi on your way home... or sipping a Bloody Mary. With three albums under our belt, and a half year hiatus, Zhege is excited to showcase their music to their fans all over the world!!

Zhege 是一群在北京遇见的老外组合起来的乐队。

他们从各自国家的流行乐中得到灵感,从而创作出他们独特的音乐风格。每个乐队成员把音乐看成生命,时而欢喜,时而悲伤,有时想跳舞,有时想在等滴滴回家的时候陷入沉思,或者喝一杯血腥玛丽. 仅半年的间隔现已创作三张唱片,zhege十分期待为全世界的音乐粉丝带来精彩的演出!

-The Spice Cabinet -

Named Editor's Choice for Best Local Band of 2016 from City Weekend, The Spice Cabinet, led by frontman keyboardist Terry Hsieh, is the instrumental jazz machine that slices, dices every pop number into the frenzy of a pop modern dance beat of wonder. It's pop according to jazz, sprinkled with funk, hip-hop, bebop and rock.

由主唱兼键盘手 Terry Hsieh 带领的五香冯克爵士乐团 “The Spice Cabinet”, 曾荣获由北京对外杂志《City Weekend》所选出的“2016年最佳本地乐队”提名。

五香冯克爵士乐团 “The Spice Cabinet” 将爵士作为食材,辅以放克、嘻哈、博普和摇滚调味,为听众烹饪出一顿美味丰盛的音乐佳肴。

- Room 911 -

Room 911 from Venezuela, Mexico, and the Philippines are the talk of the town in Ningbo, where they act as house band on the hottest spot of the old Bund, Eudora Station. With a personal mix of Rock, R&B, Blues, Latin and Pop they deliver their steaming high-energy performance for jumping crowds five nights a week.   

Room911 成员们来自委内瑞拉,墨西哥以及菲律宾。他们在宁波最热闹的老外滩演出。自选的摇滚,蓝调,R&B,拉丁和流行歌单为热爱”蹦迪”的观众们带来震撼体验。

- Drive By -

Drive-by are a red-hot, international, up and coming 4-piece band, based in Hangzhou, China. The band whose members unite from Sweden, Venezuela and England, are renowned for their unrelenting, energetic live performances, fearless adventures into multiple genres, virtuosic musicianship, and pure entertainment. Currently resident at Eudora station in hangzhou, the band deliver their live show nightly to a packed house of ever-expanding loyal fans from around the globe.

Drive-By 是个常驻在杭州的当红,国际范的四人组合。乐队集合了来自瑞典,委内瑞拉和英国的成员们。他们以充满能量,敢于涉足不同音乐类型而闻名,给客人以最纯粹的娱乐体验。现在是杭州亿多瑞站的常驻乐队,每晚为来自世界各地的粉丝们带来震惊四座的演出。

- Mojito -

Native Cuban and South American Band“Mojito” performs Cuban and Latin music every Sunday at Eudora Station. This time they have brought re-enforcements in form of a horn section. Expect a sizzling and swinging groove setting the night on fire, last on Saturday at the Jubilee Music Fest. 



Food Tent 夏日音乐美食市集

Open Bar 7pm-12am( including free flow Beer,wine & cocktails)

酒水畅饮(精酿啤酒,葡萄酒,鸡尾酒 混饮 )





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